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    Day Night Day Night

    Day Night Day Night

    Some people believe it should be forbidden to blow yourself up in Times Square. Especially during the rush hour. But no matter what YOU believe “She” is on her way to do just that.
    Is “She” the bad guy? Maybe that does not matter either, because this is an “inaction” movie, where it doesn’t matter what it makes her make up her mind, what it matters is how the “heroic” deeds tangle with the ordinary. Just the night before she dies, her life still goes on. On the night before she will be torn into little pieces, she washes her socks and bounces on the bed.

    Her last meal is a pizza, or maybe not, maybe it is a sugar coated apple. She bites the heart of the (Big) apple, like Eve, the bite that ends her innocence, her first and her very last sin. The last wrong you do, is the one you have to make sure you do it for the right reasons.

    That is the ultimate doubt when you kill others: am I doing it for the right cause? Maybe I do it for other reasons than I’m aware of and I fool myself. We do not want to kill based on false premises, because we do not want to be killed by fools believing in stupid ideas. We want to be killed only with a good excuse.

    It is also about power, submission and control. Quoting freely Julia Loktev’s words: “She’s out there out of her own free will. It’s not the submission of a victim, it’s the submission of a believer…But there is a very complicated relationship between the organizers and her, there are different levels of surrender and control. She retains her agency, she’s determined to submit, but she is always surrounded by them at all times.

    This relation mimics the relationship of an actor with the director. The organizers have to please her, she’s the star, but they run the show.”

    “The whole event is about performance,” is about the rituals that take place before the suicide bombing, the ultimate installation. Take for instance the suicide bombing videotape, by now a tradition, that is becoming a genre in itself (Loktev).

    And it is about something more important than all what I said above, but I’m not going to give it away. I promise you a hell of a ride.


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